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• Motivational and Inspirational articles

• Articles on entrepreneur and careers

• Inspirational quotes

• Advice, Self development, Relationship, Spirituality and much more.

Guidelines To Follow

√ Motivation, inspiration, success is our focus at MULTI-LOADED EMPIRE. Make your article serve the purposes.

√ Do not be too personal and try to make it informative and educative.

√ Please make sure your article is original, has not and will not appear on your personal website or blog and not copy and paste. We want to give our readers the best.

√ Send your picture, email or social media handle to (+2349027926138)

√ You are not allowed to link to a product you sell on your blog, but you can link back to an article you have written before that is related.

√ Please endeavor to make your article up to 1000+ words.

√ Please make your article easy to read by providing headings, subtopics and paragraphs.

√ You may add  pictures, not required but it is recommended. We will take care of that at our end if you do not.

Let’s make the impact together. Let’s change the world with our writings.

At MULTI-LOADED EMPIRE, you can’t but know how to succeed and stay motivated at all time to make the most out of your day.


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