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What You Must Know About School Of Nursing, Ado-Ekiti Entrance Exam



[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are here on this post, you probably want to know more about the school or wish to be admitted into the school. Chill! I will be sharing some things you may not know about the exam.

Who am I to do that? Lolz…am a product of the school.

Have got some people asking me questions about the school, where it is located, form of exam, past questions, and most especially, school fees. All these questions will be addressed.

Location: Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), School of Nursing Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State is located besides the state teaching hospital (EKSUTH) along Adebayo road, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. To get to the school from anywhere in Ado-Ekiti, just tell your bike man or taxi driver you are going to School of Nursing along Adebayo(tell him, the school not the hospital).

Entrance Exam Form on sale?: Yes, entrance exam form is currently on sale as at the time of writing this article. Click here to read more about the form

When Is The Exam?: The entrance has been slated till 25th of August, 2018 just a day after the closing date of the form.

What Type Of Exam?: To get admitted into the school, you will go through 2 written exam and one (1) oral interview. Two exams? Yes, two. Note: You can only write second exam if you scale through (pass) the first one. If you pass the second exam, you will be called up for interview and then, your performance at the interview will determine if you will be admitted. Whichever case, after the interview, wait for the school to call you or check on them yourself.

What Types Of Question?: In the exam you will be asked to answer questions from Mathematics, English language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Current affairs. All together will be 100 questions in both exams. All must be answered within some minutes (in my time it was 45mins).

What of subjects combination in WAEC and NECO?: Kindly click here to learn more.

Where do admitted students stay?: As a student you will be staying in the school hostel. You can also stay outside campus IF it will be convenient for you.

How do I get past question?: You can get past question to charge yourself up for the exams. Kindly add me on WhatsApp with +2349027926138 and chat me up or call. It is affordable. You surely must know how the questions look to be able to prepare harder.

School of nursing ado ekiti past question

Any idea of the school fees?: About the school fees, you know things change these days. I cannot emphatically say the exact amount but, don’t worry, you won’t break the bank to pay. And be aware that year one is usually higher than the rest of the year.

I hope I have been able to answer those questions boiling in you. If I have not, kindly ask me in the comment below.

Wish you success!

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Hi, I am Obembe, Sunday Dapo (SirPhren). I am the founder of this EMPIRE. I am a Registered Nurse, a Blogger and a Motivational Writer. I love sharing my knowledge with others. Am also an author on General Health Info and Health Info Corner. "Look within, the secret is inside you." To get through to me or HIRE me, am an email/ WhatsApp away. Am happy to have you around! Let's rock it together!

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JUNE URGES: Revisit Your Resolution (2)



Continuation of Revisit your resolution, part one.

The S.E.L.F reasons that infringes our resolutions.

S= Self-doubt
E= Enormosity (big)
L= Little/no drive
F= Fault finders.

Many a person gets hooked by one or many of these factors above, on the pursuit of their vision. This could keep such an individual spinning the wheels of opportunities repeatedly, but without tangible results.

Self doubt as learnt from Karyl MC Bride , a seasoned psychologist, is different from an “impostor syndrome” or ” low self esteem”

SELF DOUBT IS lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

Believers (Followers of Christ) have an edge at this juncture, and you may want to ask why,

Well, Check this out please:

1 COR 2:16 says:
…Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ

But we HAVE the MIND of CHRIST

This type of mind is devoid of fear, curruption of the world, pride, e.t.c.

It doesn’t come naturally by birth: but supernaturally by a re-birth.

At every point when the Pharisees come testing JESUS to see whether he will fall by his words, they become disappointed, because he knew the intent of their hearts.

So, you want to enjoy this kind of creative mind? Then you need to be friends with that successful man of Gallilee, JESUS.

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

Doubters operate in the realms of luck,
But divine ability (of the mind) operates in the realm of the spirit.

Consequently; Self-doubt breeds excuses.

Surprisingly, failures tend to come with more reasons than successes, these reasons are referred to as “Excuses”

You remember David in the Holy scriptures right? Did you know he could have attributed his failure in the battle against that huge man of Gath (Goliath) to many reasons? In fact, he could have said he was too small, or he was just a shepherd, or he only killed a bear, and not a man in the first place, but he didn’t.


Every great success focuses on an inner ability.

Little wonder, that Great Nurse and Philanthropist, Florence Nightingale said; “I never gave or took an excuse”

Sometime ago, a friend said, you want to be a high achiever? LIVE BEYOND EXCUSES. Its is an element of self doubt!

Self doubt is an anti-resolution spirit.

¤Next up is ENORMORSITY (big, huge, complex…)

While resolutions may be big,
Steps (goals) toward achieving those resolutions should be simple,realistic and uncomplicated.

In fact, When you set a goal, you are working towards something. You can work backwards from where you want to get to and create an action plan of little steps you need to take to get there. This is a much more realistic way of creating the change you want because you’re slowly building yourself up to reach it, SAYS Susanna Halonen.

Its almost getting too bulky,
you dont like that right?, I don’t either, (😁 lafs)

But, believing we are being challenged by some truths entailed herein,


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