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Vaginismus: What Is It?

It do happen that some women can’t enjoy sex as they ought to. When her man is given the impression that it is painful, he may be turned off completely. Which may lead to issues in the relationship.

If you have ever fell a victim, you are no more alone. The first step you can take is knowing what it is. When you do, the problem is halve solved.

What is it?
Vaginismus is a painful, involuntary spasm of the muscles that surround the entrance to the vagina, interfering with sexual intercourse.

When penetration is attempted, the woman’s pelvic floor muscles tighten and virtually close the vaginal entrance, making it painful. This spasm also may hinder doctor’s attempt to carry out vaginal examination.

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What are the cause?
Vaginismus usually occurs in women who fear that penetration will be painful. In short, it is psychological.

A traumatic experience with painful penetration, such as rape or a history of sexual abuse as a child, may predispose a woman to vaginismus.

Chronic vaginitis may result in painful intercourse and lead to vaginismus.

Sufferers may also be particularly sensitive to the stretching sensation that occurs during penetration, which may trigger a spasm when intercourse is first attempted.

In some women, a contributing factor may be underlying guilt or fear associated with the sexual act due to a restrictive upbringing or inadequate sex education.

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How is it diagnosed?
Doctor will examine the woman to ensure that she does not have any anatomical abnormalities of the vagina. And other STDs infections.

How can it be treated?
Any medical problem contributing to vaginismus is treated appropriately.

If the cause is psychological, a sex therapist may be consulted.

In some cases, a dilator of various size may be given to the woman to practice with until she no longer feels the pain.

What to do?
If you ever experience this or your friends do, talk to your doctor straight away.

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