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Turning Your Passion To Profit – Adewa T.O (O’Click)



Adewa T.O (O'Click)
Adewa Taiwo Olubunmi (CEO => O'Click Photography)

Turning your passion to profit is not all about ‘money making machine’ but about creating solutions for our society, wiping away poverty, releasing people from labour tension, breaking the barrier of unemployment and bringing joy to many homes.

The journey of turning what you love daily into financial gain begins with ‘SELF DISCOVERY

‘My failure to develop myself contributes so much in the hardship of my people’.

Most of us have a passion or hobby from reading, music, photography, writing, blogging, crafts to cooking, baking, dancing and many other things but many of us have not been able to practice these interests, even the few people who are privileged to practice their hobbies have not been able to combine them with their career.

Before we continue, kindly answer these questions in your personal notepad; because any man who can’t start questioning life may not be able to make an indelible impact in life.

1. What is your demand in life?
Being there for your family and loved ones?
Having a business empire?
Building a career working, or a paid employment?

2. Do you always borrow to meet up your monthly expenses?

3. Do you want to help others achieve their dream?

Turning your passion into profit is the entrepreneur way of enjoying your passion. I will tag it Passionpreneurship.

Passionpreneurship is not just a business endeavour but a journey which includes business and many other things such as talents expression, destiny freedom, self actualization and empowerment.

Passionpreneurship is a process of building your dream!

Ask yourself this, what have I being building in life, for whom have I been building? I hope you will make a decision after answering the questions during the seminar

Here is a passionate philosophy by Walt Goodridge that triggered me!

Your passion is part of your purpose. Happiness in life starts when you pursue it. All passion has value. Everyone have passion. Any passion can be turned into profit!

Below are some of the things that have held people hostage thereby preventing them from actualizing their dream of making a living out of their passion.

I know many of us have at one point or the other been held back from starting due to some of the assumptions below!

¶ Will people pay me for the small things?

¶ Other people gave it out for free

¶ There are many people out there who does similar thing.

Yes, most entrepreneurs don’t have certificates nor study entrepreneurship in school when they started.

¶ This thing can’t continue long enough to make me rich; the answer is that it is not about that thing but about you and your persistence.

¶ I am not good at business…no one was born a business man or with golden coin in his hands

The most common word is this….

¶ I don’t have adequate money to start up in turning my passion to profit.

Will you just do away with negative answers and flimsy excuses and come up with positive disposition?

Many have been held up with traditional myths and beliefs forgetting that; your life is a unique building with unique master plan, it is time to give up those beliefs.

Oh! You have been working on your passion and yet no tangible result?

Yes, I don’t expect it, never expect a different result doing the same thing over and over. Start putting uniqueness into it.

Studies have shown that most people with just one means of income do not always meet up their financial demand.

Now, let’s begin the practicality of Passionpreneurship.

The journey of getting to that dreamland start with VISION. This is a world where you don’t’ get what you have not seen!


Self Discovery: There is need for you to DISCOVER! I call this self discovery. Some of you just love talking, some chatting, some critiquing, and some making jokes. You need to pay close attention to these things as they form the basis of your happiness. What makes you turn on, what turns you on, what stirs your emotion? I believe discovering these is the beginning of the journey, now that you have written them down I congratulate you for starting this journey. Self discovery is the beginning of self actualization! This is the antidote to conquering your fears! List out your fears, if you will be sincere, many of us at several instances have had fear of being successful, fear of failure, fear of criticism. The good news is this; conquering your fears every moment brings you closer to full transformation unto your real you! That talent means a lot to this journey.

2. Purpose Discovery: What do you love doing the most? What will you be remembered for? What legacy will you leave when you are no more there?

This is called Passion.This is your interest, you can’t spend your whole life doing what you hate doing, or else you will be frustrated in life. One of the reasons we have some frustrated clinical nurses is the fact that what they are doing are not called to be on the ward! Some are meant to be Lecturers, administrators e.t.c

Hence there is need for us to start infusing our passion into our career!

Talent: Your Special gift in life, what you do easily without stress, you really know it even when you have not been taught! Reflect on how you can use your talent to serve others. You are not created to be in the bed room!

3. Mentorship: There are people out there that have been on the journey, they have similar experiences, they have mistakes to learn from. They understand what you carry. Whenever you hear them speak, there is a motivation that comes from within you. You feel like launching out, hold on, don’t rush, connect with them and learn what you need.

N.B: Watch out for my upcoming lecture on GETTING THE RIGHT MENTOR FOR YOUR DESTINY, you can send me a direct message to be reminded if you are interested.

4. Get Professional Training; You can all agree with me that the world has evolved from the level of unprofessional services to a professional one.

Attend trainings and seminars and ensure you pay for them. This helps you get high paying clients for your services.

5. Business Planning: Now that you have acquired what you need to launch out and the professional training on your area of passion needed for the business, it’s time to give it business a plan.

Your business plan is documenting the wisdom needed for you to put your ideas into action!

1. Business plan is organizing the following in order of priority for desired result;



2. The Business Brief: Simple, understandable technologies state the cogent focus of the business

3. The Executors: Tell who the team to get the work done are; which group ensures the best delivery for best result. Show  the works done and results achieved so far. What are your experiences? If you don’t have any experience, continue building board of advisors. This gives your investors credibility and trust.

4. The business Idea

5. Who are your audience and their needs, challenges, desires, frustration? Here You must be able to get at least 5 – 10 prospective clients.
6. Know and understand your competitor’s strength and weakness. Know the top 10 in market.
7. Current trend in market e.t.c

6. Creating and Packaging the Product/Service: Are you into physical products? Ensure to package your product in the best affordable professional way. Let there be the difference as an educated man. Think of your product as an international product. Never put all your eggs in one basket, make your products in series.

7. Marketing: Your clients determine the marketing channel to use. Don’t rely so much on using digital means than traditional medium of advertisement if your clients are market women or uneducated fellows who don’t really use social media.

8. Pricing the product: Give the affordable price to your product.

This will be discussed extensively in my forthcoming entrepreneurs conference tagged iGET ALERT. 

Please note that your product may be a physical product or virtual product

Physical products: Scrubs, shoes etc

Virtual Products
: Course video, online training, nursing care

9. Mingle with your competitors and know their strengths and weaknesses to improve your product.

10. Funding: Get a written official proposal for investors who are ready to invest in the product. Seek for support from your mentors and be ready to sacrifice some of your monthly expenditure to achieve this.

Note: Never seek for fund from an investor if you don’t have a dime committed to your vision, it shows you can’t guarantee the success of the business.

Now that you have discovered yourself and purpose in life, it’s time to  begin an efficient documentation and implementation.

1. Discover and pick a niche (e.g Nursing Research Writing is becoming something big in Nursing today. Institute of Nursing Research has been doing a great deal to support people in this area (contact me for more information on that) that aligns with your passion. Endoscopy procedure is also something to look into.

2. Sort out general problems faced in that niche

3. Select a specific problem in that niche which interest you.
Write out your idea and how does it solve the problem.

5. Create the product in the acceptable and accessible way for your market prospects.

6. Organise a prelaunch programme to introduce your product.

7. Give bonus to the first buyers.

8. Create testimonials in video, written and photo format to accelerate the sales.

9. Ensure you are consistent and timely in dealing with your client.

10. Keep improving your product.

Don’t you see the webinar was deep? Yeah, it was!



Who Is Adewa T.O (O’Click)?

Adewa Taiwo O. (Popularly known as O’click and Nurseonline) is a Peri-operative nurse and an entrepreneur. He is well known for his entrepreneurial spirit, skill and passion for developing Nurses through ICT.
• As a Researcher, he is the ICT Officer for Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria.
• Taiwo, a life coach is the founder of Financial Empowerment Network and Entrepreneurs Team (FENET); a fast growing community for entrepreneurs where he builds the capacity of up and coming entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He commenced his entrepreneurial journey around 15 years ago.
• He is also the CEO of O’click Photography (a registered company), the Media Director of FCNSWZ, Nigeria, and Fellow Nurses Africa.
• Also, Graphics Designer at Sexual Purity Academy (SPA).
• A public speaker on Entrepreneurship, he has delivered lectures on various platforms in nursing and beyond.
• A Christian who has served in various media departments in Christian Organizations.
• He is open for partnership in developmental projects as he has partnered with various organizations.
• He has produced many graphics design and photo shoots in promoting the profession.
• An award winner of the most talented Nurse in School of Nursing in 2012; Taiwo went ahead to emerge as one of the top 10 contestants in Generation Next Talent Hunt 2017 among 160 selected contestants all over Nigeria.
• A member of NGO team TALENTED PASSIONATE BUT UNSKILLED aimed at helping talented youth to grow.

Some of his projects include design of the logos for;
And among others

Taiwo is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the world of entrepreneurs.

You can send him (Adewa T.O) a direct message on +2347067853362 if you want more discussion on your groups or preferably physical meetings. 



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How To Apply 80/20 Principle To Your Blogging Career



Did you just say, what is 80/20 principle and blog has in common again SirPhren? Well, you will soon know. 80/20 principle can be applied to any part of our lives, be it at work, home, or in a relationship. How do you do first things first, when everything seem to come first? The principle will shed more lights.

80/20 or Pareto principle was invented by Vilfredo Pareto centuries ago. It says, 80% of your activities, will give you 20% results. While 20% of your activities will give you 80% results. Then, what are the activities you do daily, weekly, monthly that will in the long run give 20% results and what are those that will give 80% result?

The ones that will give you 20% results are the easy things, time wasters, distracting things that will take 80% of your time and attention. While the ones that give you 80% results are what you are expected to do. They are the demanding, sometimes difficult stuffs. They are not usually things you can do in a twinkle of an eye. But as humans that we are, we are always in the temptation to do the easy things first and by the time we want to pick on the real things, time would have gone.

How to use 80/20 Principle as A Blogger

You will agree with me that being a blogger can be demanding. We want to write, write, write and write. Especially if you are in the news niche, you must be super consistent. But that does not mean you will get tons of traffic. The reason most bloggers get disturbed is, they spend most time writing and posting but they were ignorant of this principle. How can this principle help you as a blogger if you don’t already have heavy traffic?

1). Analyse, understand your blog and yourself

Before this principle can work for you on your blog, you need to first analyse and understand yourself and how your blog works. In analysing yourself, look for your strength and your weakness. Understand when you write more and better, know the period of the day you write better without distraction. Is it in the night or early in the morning? Look into your blog and fetch out blog posts that give you the most traffic and improve on writing on such topics.

As a blogger who still keeps his/her -5 job, you need to rest, make out time with family and still keep your visitors engaged with new contents at least once a week. Work at your job while you do, and write on your blog while you do. While at work, you can get idea for your blog post. When you do, make sure you write the ideas down and build on them later.

2). Write less and better

Write less? Well, If you are not in the entertainment or news niche, you will need to write lesser than you have been writing. In writing less, I do not mean you should reduce your post length, but to reduce how often you publish them. Even as a news blogger, you should try as much as possible to know the kind of news your visitors liked to read and share more of them. If you want to marge your blogging career with your 9-5 job, this will be required of you. You can’t afford to be writing everyday, you need some to cool off and think about what you write, if you want to write cool articles.

When I started out, I was tempted to write everyday, but it didn’t work out for me. I had to sit down and see how things can work for me. But then, I don’t want to go into copy and pasting. I had to write less to be able to write better. While writing less, write articles that give you 80% results. That is where 80/20 come into play.

3). Share more

Fundbox advised, sharing your blogs on social media shouldn’t be a one-off thing, especially on Twitter where tweets come and go in the blink of an eye. Give it a go and change-up the message to see which gets the most traction over a 24-hour period. If your blog isn’t time-sensitive, plan on posting about it on social media multiple times over the coming months to help drive more blog traffic via views and shares. You can automate this with tools like Hootsuite and Facebook’s scheduling tools.

As a blogger who has another job, you need to imbibe the habit of writing less and sharing more. This is where the bulk of 80/20 principle lies. As a blogger or internet owner, we cherish to see tons of traffic to our blogs but, from observations, publishing tons of posts do not mean increase in traffic. You must make sure large number of people see a particular post. That is what you can’t do with writing everyday. As a news blogger, of course you need to keep updating your blog post almost every hour.

What you need to do, is to make sure there are people or ways to get your blog posts reach more audience. Ways to share more are;

1). Paid advert: Facebook and twitter and some other social media are the best place paid advert works. The time of targeting when your readers will be online so that you can share to them is over. Most of your friends on social media don’t see. But when you pay for advert as low as $5, more people get to see your article.

2). Sharing your articles on forums

Apart from social media, there are quite numbers of forum where you can share your articles. Forums usually have sections for various topics. When you write an article on a particular topic, get signed up on a forum, find a group similar to the topic you have written on and share your articles. Let your articles go further than you write.

In conclusion, when you understand yourself, write less, and share more, you will be able to know what type of your post drive more traffic, write more and good content and reach out to more readers. Which will eventually give you the 80% results. Instead of spending 80% of your time writing and have no other time to concentrate fully on your 9-5 job.

Doing much doesn’t mean you are getting much done!

How have you been managing your blog with school, work and family? Let me know in the comment and endeavor to share with others.

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