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Things You Should Know Before You Burn The Bridges



Picture of burning the bridges

Are you about to burn your bridges? Look at some things you should do before taking that critical step. Ben Carson said, “I had to become a medical doctor.” What he meant was that, he wasn’t going to do anything other than to be a medical doctor. There was no going back for him. He burnt the bridges, every bridge that could be a pathway back to where he was.

What Does It Mean To Burn the Bridges

I am sure you have heard that sentence before. So easy to say. But, is it easy to do? I doubt it. Burning the bridges simply means when you are going somewhere and you intentionally set ablaze/destroy the bridges that lead to the place you are going as you progress with no intention of coming back no matter what.

In the real sense, when you are passionate about something and you are ready to give and do all it takes no matter how hard or long it may take, when you are not ready to settle for the second place or settle for less, you must be ready to burn the bridges.

Let’s say you want to study medicine in the university, and after writing the entrance examination twice without success, your refusal to give up and to settle for any of the related courses which seems lesser is a burning the bridge attitude.

Whatever your goal is; spiritual, financial or emotional be ready to burn the bridges if you don’t want to back off and want to bring a reasonable and complementing effort out of it.

Two things happen when you burn the bridges. The first is that you would wish you could go back to your previous position in life because i seems the previous position was comfortable than the incumbent. Secondly, you will give it all it takes, give in your best, coordinate your powerful mind tenaciously to make your dreams come true.

In Napoleon Hill’s book; Think and Grow Rich; he talked about a General who burnt the only boat that brought him and his men to the battle field in a foreign land. Their opponents were more than their numbers and they desired to win. Getting off the boat, he set it ablaze, knowing they were outnumbered, he then said, its either we win or we perish. You know what? They won! Why? Because first, they burnt the only bridge for their return to the past, so they had no choice than to keep moving. On the other hand, they went for the jugular, nothing but victory, it suddenly became a must, both the compulsion and necessity, you must find yourself in this situation to succeed.

“It’s either we win or we perish.”

Things you should do/know before you burn the bridges are;

1). Does your desire burns?

If your desire will not be fierce enough to burn the bridge, I mean if the will strength is low, you will have a lot of problems, you may not be able to go far before you give up.

2). Love what you want to do

You must be in love with that thing you want to do. Only then can you go far. Look at it this way; When you go ahead to study a course you don’t love, you tend to miss classes, miss tests and you might eventually end up not doing well. Intelligence alone cannot do it. You must love it.

3). Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Without the faith principle, you may not last long in the battle field. Follow that affirmation in the scripture: “I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me.” (Philipians 4″13)

4). Surround yourself with like minded folks

To do well in life, it is of utmost importance to surround ourselves with people who share the same goals with us. People who will keep encouraging you, supporting you and helping you in relevant times. It is still valid that, people you spend your time with, you become them, you are a product of your company.

People you spend your time with, you become them, you are a product of your company.

5). Be prepare to face the hardship coming

You must be prepared, Things are going to be rough along the way. People are going to turn their backs against you. You are going to be left alone with your task. Because it is your task and not theirs, it is your responsibility to finish it. You must also understand that dreams may be big but does not include everybody, you must stretch even when it seems you are breaking out. Remember, a band is not useful until it is stretched. It is in your stretching that vulnerability comes in but can I shock you; you won’t break.

6). Be informed

It is very important to know things about that thing you want to achieve before you burn the bridges, before you decide not to look back. Ask people who have thread the path before you. What are the pros and cons? What qualities do you need? Doing this will help you learn from their evaluated experience and make the journey easier for you. Experience is not the best teacher but EVALUATED EXPERIENCE.

What other things do you think can be done before burning the bridges? Do share with me.

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How To Apply 80/20 Principle To Your Blogging Career



Did you just say, what is 80/20 principle and blog has in common again SirPhren? Well, you will soon know. 80/20 principle can be applied to any part of our lives, be it at work, home, or in a relationship. How do you do first things first, when everything seem to come first? The principle will shed more lights.

80/20 or Pareto principle was invented by Vilfredo Pareto centuries ago. It says, 80% of your activities, will give you 20% results. While 20% of your activities will give you 80% results. Then, what are the activities you do daily, weekly, monthly that will in the long run give 20% results and what are those that will give 80% result?

The ones that will give you 20% results are the easy things, time wasters, distracting things that will take 80% of your time and attention. While the ones that give you 80% results are what you are expected to do. They are the demanding, sometimes difficult stuffs. They are not usually things you can do in a twinkle of an eye. But as humans that we are, we are always in the temptation to do the easy things first and by the time we want to pick on the real things, time would have gone.

How to use 80/20 Principle as A Blogger

You will agree with me that being a blogger can be demanding. We want to write, write, write and write. Especially if you are in the news niche, you must be super consistent. But that does not mean you will get tons of traffic. The reason most bloggers get disturbed is, they spend most time writing and posting but they were ignorant of this principle. How can this principle help you as a blogger if you don’t already have heavy traffic?

1). Analyse, understand your blog and yourself

Before this principle can work for you on your blog, you need to first analyse and understand yourself and how your blog works. In analysing yourself, look for your strength and your weakness. Understand when you write more and better, know the period of the day you write better without distraction. Is it in the night or early in the morning? Look into your blog and fetch out blog posts that give you the most traffic and improve on writing on such topics.

As a blogger who still keeps his/her -5 job, you need to rest, make out time with family and still keep your visitors engaged with new contents at least once a week. Work at your job while you do, and write on your blog while you do. While at work, you can get idea for your blog post. When you do, make sure you write the ideas down and build on them later.

2). Write less and better

Write less? Well, If you are not in the entertainment or news niche, you will need to write lesser than you have been writing. In writing less, I do not mean you should reduce your post length, but to reduce how often you publish them. Even as a news blogger, you should try as much as possible to know the kind of news your visitors liked to read and share more of them. If you want to marge your blogging career with your 9-5 job, this will be required of you. You can’t afford to be writing everyday, you need some to cool off and think about what you write, if you want to write cool articles.

When I started out, I was tempted to write everyday, but it didn’t work out for me. I had to sit down and see how things can work for me. But then, I don’t want to go into copy and pasting. I had to write less to be able to write better. While writing less, write articles that give you 80% results. That is where 80/20 come into play.

3). Share more

Fundbox advised, sharing your blogs on social media shouldn’t be a one-off thing, especially on Twitter where tweets come and go in the blink of an eye. Give it a go and change-up the message to see which gets the most traction over a 24-hour period. If your blog isn’t time-sensitive, plan on posting about it on social media multiple times over the coming months to help drive more blog traffic via views and shares. You can automate this with tools like Hootsuite and Facebook’s scheduling tools.

As a blogger who has another job, you need to imbibe the habit of writing less and sharing more. This is where the bulk of 80/20 principle lies. As a blogger or internet owner, we cherish to see tons of traffic to our blogs but, from observations, publishing tons of posts do not mean increase in traffic. You must make sure large number of people see a particular post. That is what you can’t do with writing everyday. As a news blogger, of course you need to keep updating your blog post almost every hour.

What you need to do, is to make sure there are people or ways to get your blog posts reach more audience. Ways to share more are;

1). Paid advert: Facebook and twitter and some other social media are the best place paid advert works. The time of targeting when your readers will be online so that you can share to them is over. Most of your friends on social media don’t see. But when you pay for advert as low as $5, more people get to see your article.

2). Sharing your articles on forums

Apart from social media, there are quite numbers of forum where you can share your articles. Forums usually have sections for various topics. When you write an article on a particular topic, get signed up on a forum, find a group similar to the topic you have written on and share your articles. Let your articles go further than you write.

In conclusion, when you understand yourself, write less, and share more, you will be able to know what type of your post drive more traffic, write more and good content and reach out to more readers. Which will eventually give you the 80% results. Instead of spending 80% of your time writing and have no other time to concentrate fully on your 9-5 job.

Doing much doesn’t mean you are getting much done!

How have you been managing your blog with school, work and family? Let me know in the comment and endeavor to share with others.

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