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Social Media: The Good And The Bad



[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ocial media are platforms we socialize. Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time.

A lot are happening on social media ranging from fake personalities to fraud and so on. The good side of making use of social media cannot be overemphasized. But the way things are, there is more harm than good especially in the lives of young folks.

Nowadays, a young man from an average family background, after spending thirty minutes on social media, may be forced to say God is being partial in HIS ways. And he would be wrong for saying that. You know why? Because fake life of some people may discourage him and make him hopeless.


1). Easy access to some vital information

Social media has made access to information easier since its introduction. Information makes the world go round. But social media played and is still playing a greater part. There is variably no question that has not been provided answers to. By Spending minutes on google and its related search engines, you will get answers to your questions. Yes, social media can be that good.

2). Speed learning rate/good for discussion

Gone are those days when you would have to wait for your mate/lecturer to discuss a subject. With the likes of WhatsApp, telegram, IMO etc, you can easily get connected with your classmates to discuss as long as you can. Apart from discussion, meeting, online seminars, online tutorial can hold on social media thereby saving you time and money.

3). Source of passive income & Advertisement

With social media, you can make some passive income, that is if you know your way round it. Ways it can serve as source of income are; Sharing bloggers blog post, Online lecture, and by referring some people to buy a product or sign up for a service. Social media is such a sure way of advertising your products. If you want to make sure your products reach a larger percentage of your friends. Social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc, are up to the task in that aspect.

4). Social media has provided chances of connecting with an old friend as long as you know the names they bear. Apart from meeting old friends, you get to meet new people with whom you can share ideas and information with.

1). Isolation

While it appears on the surface that social media bring people together, in larger sense it may create social isolation. Researchers have found that people experience withdrawal symptoms when remove from social media. As people spend increasing amount of time on social networks, they experience less face-to-face interaction which make them dependent on device.

2). Low self-esteem

Surely when there is isolation, being low self-esteemed may not be escaped. This can occur when a social media user tries to compare his life with that others . When you see a friend posing with car worth millions and you are still boarding taxi to work, school, you may end be disappointed in yourself. These days social media are known for showing off what you have. But, you never can tell if its real or fake life. Not everything on social media is real.

Social media

3). Fraud/cyber-bullying

As we advance into this computer age, the level of crimes increases. There is no sure place to impersonate other than social media. You will believe what you see, not who the person really is. Cyber-bullying can also be called cyber harassment. This include harmful bullying behavior such as posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, hate speech and so on. These bullies may result in the victim in having low self-esteem, increased suicidal ideation, and various emotional disturbances.

4). Lack of concentration

I remember when I started using Facebook, my sister used to force me to read because then, all my attention was on Facebook, chatting, posting pictures and so on. Nowadays, people prefer to focus on their social media than focusing on the matter at hand that needs full attention. I have seen someone used his pocket money for data subscription so as to be able to chat and do some gossips.

Some years back I weighed my concentration on my studies, I found out that, I was busy wasting my time on social media. It was not even that I was doing anything tangible. Social media can be that bad.

Technology was made for us, we weren’t made for technology.

5). Level of procrastination increases

Its so easy to put off important activities till later because of social media. When a student get back from school, it will be easier for him/her to check his social media messages than doing assignments or reviewing what he/she has been taught.

It will be so easy to come back home and spend the rest of the day with YouTube/Netflix. And after about four hours, you will end it by saying, I will do something about my goals later, am too tired, I cant afford to miss that movie. Social media can be that bad.

6). Productivity killer

The level of your productivity can never be as high as it used to be when you have not been social media addict. You will tend to procrastinate more and your productivity level gets to suffer for it.

7) Poor grammar and spellings

Chatting on social media is faster when we make use of shorthand. I did not know using shorthand can affect me till when I was writing a test in school. Doing this for long can be detrimental to ones spellings and grammar.

In conclusion, you cant because social media has some bad sides and stay completely away. Everything still boils down on priority. Make sure social media doesn’t take the better part of you.

Do you have any other way social media can be good and bad? Feel free to share with others.

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Hi, I am Obembe, Sunday Dapo (SirPhren). I am the founder of this EMPIRE. I am a Registered Nurse, a Blogger and a Motivational Writer. I love sharing my knowledge with others. Am also an author on General Health Info and Health Info Corner. "Look within, the secret is inside you." To get through to me or HIRE me, am an email/ WhatsApp away. Am happy to have you around! Let's rock it together!

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What To Consider Before Choosing Your Nursing Job By Aghedo Princewill



Aghedo Princewill (Descendant Of Nightingale)
“No Body makes it to the Forbes magazine list of Richest and Influential people through their savings”

Before you take up that Nursing job in the Government or private hospital, ask yourself:

– Would my vision of being an holistic change agent be given an edge if I start working in the government/Private setting?

– Would I have the luxury of time to pursue both formal and Informal Education Programme while working with the government or private setting?

– Would the environment and mindset of people working in this setting be a boost to me or detrimental to my career vision?

Ask your self these questions and critically examine whatever you are doing now and see if your dreams are been captured in your activities

The rich and impactful Nurses I know who are blazing the Trail in the areas of Advocacy, Politics, Media, Cooperate organisations, Research, and Education are not working in any private or Government establishments.

Mention 5 Nurses that you look up to in the government hospital, and I would show you 20 Nurses whom you need to be under their Mentorship.

The sole aim of this article is never to discredit any Nurse working in the Private or Government setting as they have been exceptional over the years in delivering quality health services through International best practices.

But as we all know, not everyone can function optimally in the Clinical Setting as well as NGOs and Cooperate and Media organisations. Nursing is multifaceted and has diverse areas which directly or indirectly captures our dreams and visions.

Aghedo Princewill
To all the Nurses out there who have a burning passion to be a change agent in the profession, I indulge you to think twice before taking any job offered to you as the later results of this decision usually includes:

¶ Poor career growth

¶ Little or no room to attain more formal and informal education

¶ Job dissatisfaction that in turn tempts you to leave the profession

¶ Under utilisation of your potentials which gradually leads to the death of it

¶ No accolades for most of the Job well done

¶ Wearing out and mental stress because of the poor management of manpower in these settings.

For your Dreams and Vision to get a boost as a Nurse, kindly follow some of the tips below:

1) Join an Organization or Association that captures your career Goals and Vision.

2) Involve in more volunteering Jobs as this would increase your exposure and help broaden your horizon in your scope of thinking

3) Create a Niche for yourself

4) Be Under mentorship that allow you to grow even beyond your mentor, but remember it is gradual.

5) Always remember that survival is a lifetime trail and your involvement in these activities ideally don’t cost you much even when you have a lot to gain

6) Believe In Yourself

Know today that you have all the ability to achieve your dreams. Be resourceful and never doubt your abilities. CONCIOUSLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

7) Work very hard and Smart in all of your pursuit.

8) READ: At least one hour daily. The result is that your mind won’t remain the same, you will begin to solve problem others cant solve.

9) Attain certification in Health and Non-Health related courses: This makes you prepared and gives you an edge when an opportunity comes forth.

10) Become an IT Savvy.

Surf the internet effortlessly and be active on most social media handles to connect with like minded individuals and get access to Quality information. Make Google your best friend.

11) Speak positively always about the profession you wish to change as this gives you the consciousness to improve lives and stay on track.

“You have to be intentional in other to be Successful as success is not a guess work or trial and error pursuit”

Aghedo Princewill



Who is Princewill Aghedo (Descendant of Nightingale)?

Aghedo Princewill Etinosa is a registered Nurse of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He is a certified America Heart association Basic Life support and advanced cardiovascular life support caregiver. He is popularly know as J2K(Descendant of Nightingale).

He is a National Executive committee member of Men in Nursing Assembly Of Nigeria and He Organised the First Men In Nursing Assembly of Nigeria National Conference in Abuja in Collaboration with The Lamp Africa And America Men in Nursing Assembly.

He Is the Editor in chief Of Health Info Corner. A social media platform with over 5000 medical personnel.

He Was Recently Appointed the News Director Of Fellow Nurses Africa. The first organisation to produce an electronic magazine for Nigeria nurses.

He is The Director Of Nursing Affairs at parcelmedico (An Agency That assist Medical professionals to secure Internship position Via Parcel Delivery to State and Federal Government Institutions Across Africa)
Connect with him on his gmail handle

Endeavor to share this article with fellow nurses on your social media handle.




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