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Social Media: The Good And The Bad



[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ocial media are platforms we socialize. Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time.

A lot are happening on social media ranging from fake personalities to fraud and so on. The good side of making use of social media cannot be overemphasized. But the way things are, there is more harm than good especially in the lives of young folks.

Nowadays, a young man from an average family background, after spending thirty minutes on social media, may be forced to say God is being partial in HIS ways. And he would be wrong for saying that. You know why? Because fake life of some people may discourage him and make him hopeless.


1). Easy access to some vital information

Social media has made access to information easier since its introduction. Information makes the world go round. But social media played and is still playing a greater part. There is variably no question that has not been provided answers to. By Spending minutes on google and its related search engines, you will get answers to your questions. Yes, social media can be that good.

2). Speed learning rate/good for discussion

Gone are those days when you would have to wait for your mate/lecturer to discuss a subject. With the likes of WhatsApp, telegram, IMO etc, you can easily get connected with your classmates to discuss as long as you can. Apart from discussion, meeting, online seminars, online tutorial can hold on social media thereby saving you time and money.

3). Source of passive income & Advertisement

With social media, you can make some passive income, that is if you know your way round it. Ways it can serve as source of income are; Sharing bloggers blog post, Online lecture, and by referring some people to buy a product or sign up for a service. Social media is such a sure way of advertising your products. If you want to make sure your products reach a larger percentage of your friends. Social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc, are up to the task in that aspect.

4). Social media has provided chances of connecting with an old friend as long as you know the names they bear. Apart from meeting old friends, you get to meet new people with whom you can share ideas and information with.

1). Isolation

While it appears on the surface that social media bring people together, in larger sense it may create social isolation. Researchers have found that people experience withdrawal symptoms when remove from social media. As people spend increasing amount of time on social networks, they experience less face-to-face interaction which make them dependent on device.

2). Low self-esteem

Surely when there is isolation, being low self-esteemed may not be escaped. This can occur when a social media user tries to compare his life with that others . When you see a friend posing with car worth millions and you are still boarding taxi to work, school, you may end be disappointed in yourself. These days social media are known for showing off what you have. But, you never can tell if its real or fake life. Not everything on social media is real.

Social media

3). Fraud/cyber-bullying

As we advance into this computer age, the level of crimes increases. There is no sure place to impersonate other than social media. You will believe what you see, not who the person really is. Cyber-bullying can also be called cyber harassment. This include harmful bullying behavior such as posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, hate speech and so on. These bullies may result in the victim in having low self-esteem, increased suicidal ideation, and various emotional disturbances.

4). Lack of concentration

I remember when I started using Facebook, my sister used to force me to read because then, all my attention was on Facebook, chatting, posting pictures and so on. Nowadays, people prefer to focus on their social media than focusing on the matter at hand that needs full attention. I have seen someone used his pocket money for data subscription so as to be able to chat and do some gossips.

Some years back I weighed my concentration on my studies, I found out that, I was busy wasting my time on social media. It was not even that I was doing anything tangible. Social media can be that bad.

Technology was made for us, we weren’t made for technology.

5). Level of procrastination increases

Its so easy to put off important activities till later because of social media. When a student get back from school, it will be easier for him/her to check his social media messages than doing assignments or reviewing what he/she has been taught.

It will be so easy to come back home and spend the rest of the day with YouTube/Netflix. And after about four hours, you will end it by saying, I will do something about my goals later, am too tired, I cant afford to miss that movie. Social media can be that bad.

6). Productivity killer

The level of your productivity can never be as high as it used to be when you have not been social media addict. You will tend to procrastinate more and your productivity level gets to suffer for it.

7) Poor grammar and spellings

Chatting on social media is faster when we make use of shorthand. I did not know using shorthand can affect me till when I was writing a test in school. Doing this for long can be detrimental to ones spellings and grammar.

In conclusion, you cant because social media has some bad sides and stay completely away. Everything still boils down on priority. Make sure social media doesn’t take the better part of you.

Do you have any other way social media can be good and bad? Feel free to share with others.

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I am Obembe, Sunday Dapo (SirPhren). I am the owner of this EMPIRE. I am professionally a Registered Nurse and Passionately a Blogger. I love motivating people, reading and sharing whatever I know. We need to be constantly motivated to be able to push through whatever we want to do. I am also into Blog Designing. "Look within, the secret is inside you." To get through to me, am an email/ WhatsApp away. Am happy to have you around! Let's rock it together!

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Why You Should Surround Yourself With The Right People



By: Gbenga Emiloju (CEO DMPII)

The categories of people with whom you spend most of your times would go a long way to determine the kind of impact, influence and results that your life will produce.

The people you spend your time with, you become.

The implication is that, you are going to end up like the calibre of people you continually associate with, and you must not forget that life is too short to be wasted with wrong people.

For your life to move in the right directions, you need the right people that would encourage, inspire, motivate, and always ready to help you achieve your goals.

Irrespective of your age, expertise, skills, and qualification, you cannot achieve your dream all alone. You need positive, right-thinking and well-motivated people to help you achieve your goals easily.

You may not necessarily need to have too many people in your life. It is not the quantity but the quality of people you stay with that matters.

It’s better to have one quality person who is pushing you forward, than to be in the company of many people who are bunches of cynics and mediocres. The higher you go in life the more selective you have to be.


You must be ready to let go off some people, because everybody cannot go with you where God is taking you. The higher you go in life, the tighter your circle has to become.


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How To 80/20 Your Life



How do you put first thing first when everything seem to come first? Where do you begin? What can be done later? And what doesn’t need to be done at all? How do you 80/20 your life?

Remember, the worst use of time is to do something perfectly well that needs not be done at all.

We know the feeling when we seem overwhelmed. But there is one principle that can get you out of this dilemma. When it is followed, things work out well.

The principle is 80/20 principle also called pareto principle. It was discovered by an economist Vilfredo Pareto. Pareto found that a small proportion of any activity produces a majority of the results.

If you apply this principle to your lfe, you will have much of everything you don’t.

Look at it this way,

Don’t you wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time? Don’t 20 percent of the people in your life create 80 percent of your problems?

If we can identify what works in our lives, what produces the results we want, we can let go of the rest. We can get more of what we want and less of what we don’t for much less time, money and energy.

80/20 your life by;

Working on your purpose

What motivated you to go out on your own? What do you want to accomplish? Why are you doing all these? Your sense of purpose will enable to know where you are going and to put that first in your life.

Clear out your backlog:

If your desk, files, cabinets, and calendar are filled with things that don’t relate to your purpose, you won’t have time or the space to put first things first.

Schedule for results:

Once you know where you are going and you have cleared the way, settling goals will take you where you want to go, but only if you bring them down to the minute. Leaving your goals on a notepad in a drawer somewhere puts them out of sight and out of mind. You’ve got to get them onto your calendar and let them become the focus of what you do every day.

“Doing much doesn’t mean your are getting much done.”

How have you been making most of your time?

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7 Ways To Stay Energized



Just as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” Its not as easy as it sounds. How do we stay energized? We tend to be become weary in no time when working on our goals or occupations.

There are some times we just want to lie on the couch and do nothing, despite having much work to do. Everyone of us feels that. But, we just have to get up and keep the ball rolling.

“Create in you an irresistible energy putting wings on your heart that will allow you to fly beyond all self-imposed limitations.”  Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.

Other than the fifth vital sign (pain), fatigue is also on of the reason people seek medical help.

Countless numbers of successful people from various fields have been observed, they all seem to have boundless of energy. They are always ready to take on the challenge. They jump out of bed in the morning and yet return in the evening full of energy. How were they able to do it?

According to Sarah and Paul Edwards, author of “Working from Home, they were able to keep themselves charged up using several ways.
Use these tips to stay energized.

1. Do not overwork: It’s an illusion to think you will get further by overworking. “When you are overworked, you don’t think at your best or make the best decision.”

Similarly, when you overtrain, you will become extremely fatigued, which may eventually result in poor performance.

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get your expected result in an exam you wrote? One of the reasons was because, you didn’t give your brain enough time to rest before going into the exam hall.

You are the one who must make sure you pace yourself so you can be at your best when you need to be.

2. Keep the pressure in bounds: According to Joseph Procaccini, “unrealistic expectations are a real culprit in burnout.” Burnout occurs when the demand we put on ourselves is more than our energy input.

High expectations are a good way to motivate ourselves, but success also requires a state of equipoise between energy input and the demand we put on ourselves. When the two parameters are in equilibrium, we perform at our peak.

3. Know how much sleep you need and get enough: When there are not enough hours in the day, we take them from the night. But do not deprive yourself of too many nights. Get enough sleep each night that you arise feeling refreshed, but not so much that you feel sluggish. Schedule your most demanding work for those times of the day when you are at your peak.

4. Make sure you enjoy what you do: There is nothing as cool as loving what you do. It boosts your energy and keep you going. If you don’t love what you do, if you force yourself to continue doing it, you will start dreading Monday again. You will begin dragging through the day and slacking off.

As actress Sally Field put it, “I’d rather act than eat. If you don’t feel that way about what you do, then your legs are easily knocked out from under you.”

5. Eat high-energy food: Energy-riches foods will boost your energy and make you more productive. For high-energy, increased mental alertness, and greater motivation, eat food rich in protein, low-fat diary products, and carbohydrates.

Minimize intake of energy drainers like alcohol, sugar, salt and junk foods, which seem to charge you up but actually stress you out.

6. Get plenty of exercise: Do aerobic exercises (running, swimming, dancing) at least 20-30minutes every other day. Choose any activity you enjoy.

7. Take at least a day off from work: You need break to relax and recharge. Students can’t take a day off. There are always holidays. Make good use of them.

What are your techniques of dealing with tiredness? Endeavor to share.

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