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RAPE: There’s A Victim Near You



I watched and listened as she shared her story, I couldn’t help but pity the little girl of 13 who was on the journey to becoming a mother. She had just returned from school famished and tired only to be told her mother had just been crushed to death by a fast moving vehicle while hawking sachet water on the expressway, she was left with no option than to live with one of her aunts as she had lost her father days after her birth.

Life had become so bad thereafter, her aunt owned a bar and she had to work extra hard to help with business, thus she had to drop-out of school ‘cause her aunt wasn’t ready to sponsor her education as she didn’t believe in girl-child education, unfortunately, she was an illiterate.

The unfortunate happened one day as her aunt had sent her to buy some drinks to stock the bar, as she passed through the lone path, she came face-to-face with her most dreaded enemy- one of the men who had made several advances at her whenever he came to drink at the bar.

All she could pray for was an escape route but there was none, as she made a turn to run, the man grabbed her from behind and that was all she could remember till she woke up with shredded clothes several miles away from home in an hospital. She had been rescued by a good Samaritan who saw her helpless body lying in an uncompleted building, several attempts to reach her aunt proved abortive and that was when it dawned on her, her sad experience had been a setup, she had just become a rape victim.

Days and weeks passed after she was discharged but she had nowhere to go so she resulted to sleeping on the streets, trying to survive had been very difficult but she kept hope alive and prayed for a better day to come, until the big one hit her-she had been feeling sick for a while and one of the “big sisters” in the street had affirmed she was pregnant, several attempts to abort the pregnancy failed and this had thrown her into the big “dark world”.

There are several cases out there like this and it’s so appalling that we all shy away from it and no one seems to be ready to speak out against this menace eating deep into our soil. Nurses are known to be at the forefront of events in the medical profession and as advocates for our patients and clients, there’s a dire need for us to speak out against RAPE.

What are the steps we can take?
√ Adequate sex education should be given to young boys and girls in the society. They should be encouraged to speak up against anyone making sexual advances at them, if their parents or guardians do not take actions against such, then we should make ourselves available with listening ears and be on the lookout for any occurrences.

√ Parents/guardians should also be sensitized about the need for them to pay attention to their children/wards, they should also carefully observe anyone who’s been suspected of making advances at their children/wards.

√ Nurses should try as much as possible to work collaboratively with other professionals- they should be involved in policy making and safety of the society.

√ Anyone who makes sexual advances at a young one is liable of carrying out the act, therefore he/she should be carefully monitored and treated as a suspect until proven otherwise.

Very many of our patients and clients confide in us and trust that we handle many of their issues in confidentiality, this should also be extended outside of our workplace- we should encourage victims to speak out and be ready to identify their violator for due punishment.

They should also be assured of adequate care and safety from future occurrences and other complications attached to the act.

√ Nurses should also ensure adequate follow-up is provided to victims of this act; many of them suffer and die in silence of hurts, guilt and shame; many even get depressed while some commit suicide, others who become pregnant commit abortion, some dump their babies and some may never love their children or ever get married.

√ Nurses should work collaboratively with individuals, governmental and non-governmental bodies to ensure necessary measures are employed to provide emotional, psychological, moral and social support as well as medical treatments.

√ The society should also be adequately encouraged to show love to victims around them, mocking them or keeping mute would never help; jungle justice should also be discouraged, anyone caught should be handed over to the law enforcement agents and due justice should be ensured.


© 2017 Ogunmilade Abisola Comfort(RN,)

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