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How To Add Forum To Your Blogspot Blogs (DIY)



Since your blog is on blogspot, you may be wondering how you can add forum easily. Well, as of this moment, you can add forum in two ways. Unlike wordpress where there are plugins that take care of that.

What Is Forum?
Forum is another section/page on your blog where your visitors drop query or ask you any question as per what they read or any action they took on your blog or ecommerce website.

Why you need forum
If your blogging is mainly in the ecommerce niche, education/teaching people, technology, or tutorial, you should consider having a forum.

Now let’s begin!
As I said earlier, there two ways to add forum to your blogspot blog. Which are 1) Google group forum and 2) Nabble forum.

Let’s start with Google group forum.

1). Google Group Forum

Google Forum

This is easy to do. All you need to create the forum is your gmail account.

Before you go to the link, have a page already created. You can name it FORUM. Then,

a). Navigate to Google Groups and fill required details then click on Create.

b). Click on Invite people to join group to build some strength.

c). Then go to Customize your group’s setting. On the next page you will see an option to embedding your group.

d). Just copy the code next to it and save it temporary anywhere.

e). Go to the blank page you already created and Paste the code in the HTML section and publish page.

f). View this page and boom, your forum is ready.
You see, its so easy.

2). Nabble Free Forum.
Just as i explined in the first approach, create a blank page and name it something like FORUM. Then,

a). Go to Nabble forum

b). Click Create Free Forum on the home page.

c). Fill the required details such as user name, email address, password, forum name and description (Remember that this account will be the moderator of the forum).

d). Click on Create Account and check you mail to activate nabble account (keep in mind that you must activate your account in order to have access to all features).

e). Navigate to Options =. Application => Change Appearance. Here you can edit several things such as font, color, preferences and CSS. Add your own CSS to provide it look.

Nabble Forum

f). Change Forum Appearance to how you want it.

g). Now go to Application => Change Application Type. There you can categorize your forum to make it appear real. Choose category according to your need and click on Save Changes.

You can modify several other things from application menu such as name, description, language, domain name, title, mega tag, add-ons and Google analytics.

h). To add categories in your blog go to Options Structure => Create New Sub-Forum. Provide it name and description then click on Create Sub-Forum.

Rest of the things you can easily edit which are manage pinned topics, manage sub-forums and Users (Change permission, manage users groups, manage subscribers, manage banned users).

It’s not over yet, after that we need to put newly created forum code in our blogger blog.

i). Navigate to Options Embedding options. On the next page copy the JavaScript Code and save it anywhere.

j). Login into your blogger dashboard then open the blank page you already created, Go to HTML mode, then paste the code, and then publish. Boom!

That’s it, simply open this web page and you will see nabble forum.

NOTE: Of recent, I found out that nabble forum doesn’t work on encrypted blogspot blogs again. So, you may see that it stops working as soon as you migrate your blogspot blogs from HTTP to HTTPS.

Did you get it? Let me know if you do!

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What makes the great great

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