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5 Habits To Give Up If You Want To Be The Best Version Of Yourself



Its a new day. For us to be best version of ourselves, there are some habits to give up.

If you flashback your mind to the previous months, you will see that some things did hold you back from becoming the best you could have been.

On your last day on earth, the person you become would be the person you could have become. The reality of most people is that they dream and never achieve their dreams.

Sometimes to become successful, you don’t need to add to your list. You just need to DELEARN some negative programs.

As you go through these five habits to give up, open your mind and after reading, take action. Nothing happens without acting it out.

1). Give up short term mindset

Successful people set long term goals and they know success will not come overnight. They train and make themselves ready. They dream big and break it down into achievable bits. They know everything involves a process and they set out to enjoy the process.

People with short term mindset are always in hurry. They believe in get rich quick. They are the people that wanted to lose some weight but could not go out to the gym. They could not give up junks. Yet, they dream of a shape they desire. They spend all their lives dreaming waiting for magic to happen.

Daily habits make the big difference in the long term.

2). Give up playing small

You’ve gotta give up playing small! Reach out for the moon, if you don’t land on it, you will have stardusts on your hands. Whatever you want to become is your business. Not mine! It is high time you started directing your life like the CEO you really are. Dream freaking BIG! Dream lofty dreams, as you dream so shall you become.

Take full ownership of your life. Remember, winners run through the finish line.

3). Give up excuses!

Winners always come up with reasons why they can. Losers always give 1001 reasons they can’t. They simply forgot the world belongs to those that say we can! Whatever you lack, get it. Be resourceful. If you keep giving excuses now, when all is said and done, excuses are what will be your lot. Give up excuses! Discipline yourself. Shun the path of least resistance.

4). Give up your need to be liked!

If you ever want to be liked, if you ever want to please everyone, you aren’t likely going to be successful. Stand for your own truth. Stand for what you believed to be right. Do what pleases you!

5). Give up toxic people

Give up people that are not in line with your system. The people you hang around with, you become. If you hang around with toxic people, you become one. If you hang around with losers, you become one. Hang around with winners and become one!

Remember, you are the average of 5 people you spend most time with. Reach out to like minded people.

What other habits do you think are harmful to us? Share with me in the comment.

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Hi, I am Obembe, Sunday Dapo (SirPhren). I am the founder of this EMPIRE. I am a Registered Nurse, a Blogger and a Motivational Writer. I love sharing my knowledge with others. Am also an author on General Health Info and Health Info Corner. "Look within, the secret is inside you." To get through to me or HIRE me, am an email/ WhatsApp away. Am happy to have you around! Let's rock it together!

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What To Consider Before Choosing Your Nursing Job By Aghedo Princewill



Aghedo Princewill (Descendant Of Nightingale)
“No Body makes it to the Forbes magazine list of Richest and Influential people through their savings”

Before you take up that Nursing job in the Government or private hospital, ask yourself:

– Would my vision of being an holistic change agent be given an edge if I start working in the government/Private setting?

– Would I have the luxury of time to pursue both formal and Informal Education Programme while working with the government or private setting?

– Would the environment and mindset of people working in this setting be a boost to me or detrimental to my career vision?

Ask your self these questions and critically examine whatever you are doing now and see if your dreams are been captured in your activities

The rich and impactful Nurses I know who are blazing the Trail in the areas of Advocacy, Politics, Media, Cooperate organisations, Research, and Education are not working in any private or Government establishments.

Mention 5 Nurses that you look up to in the government hospital, and I would show you 20 Nurses whom you need to be under their Mentorship.

The sole aim of this article is never to discredit any Nurse working in the Private or Government setting as they have been exceptional over the years in delivering quality health services through International best practices.

But as we all know, not everyone can function optimally in the Clinical Setting as well as NGOs and Cooperate and Media organisations. Nursing is multifaceted and has diverse areas which directly or indirectly captures our dreams and visions.

Aghedo Princewill
To all the Nurses out there who have a burning passion to be a change agent in the profession, I indulge you to think twice before taking any job offered to you as the later results of this decision usually includes:

¶ Poor career growth

¶ Little or no room to attain more formal and informal education

¶ Job dissatisfaction that in turn tempts you to leave the profession

¶ Under utilisation of your potentials which gradually leads to the death of it

¶ No accolades for most of the Job well done

¶ Wearing out and mental stress because of the poor management of manpower in these settings.

For your Dreams and Vision to get a boost as a Nurse, kindly follow some of the tips below:

1) Join an Organization or Association that captures your career Goals and Vision.

2) Involve in more volunteering Jobs as this would increase your exposure and help broaden your horizon in your scope of thinking

3) Create a Niche for yourself

4) Be Under mentorship that allow you to grow even beyond your mentor, but remember it is gradual.

5) Always remember that survival is a lifetime trail and your involvement in these activities ideally don’t cost you much even when you have a lot to gain

6) Believe In Yourself

Know today that you have all the ability to achieve your dreams. Be resourceful and never doubt your abilities. CONCIOUSLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

7) Work very hard and Smart in all of your pursuit.

8) READ: At least one hour daily. The result is that your mind won’t remain the same, you will begin to solve problem others cant solve.

9) Attain certification in Health and Non-Health related courses: This makes you prepared and gives you an edge when an opportunity comes forth.

10) Become an IT Savvy.

Surf the internet effortlessly and be active on most social media handles to connect with like minded individuals and get access to Quality information. Make Google your best friend.

11) Speak positively always about the profession you wish to change as this gives you the consciousness to improve lives and stay on track.

“You have to be intentional in other to be Successful as success is not a guess work or trial and error pursuit”

Aghedo Princewill



Who is Princewill Aghedo (Descendant of Nightingale)?

Aghedo Princewill Etinosa is a registered Nurse of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He is a certified America Heart association Basic Life support and advanced cardiovascular life support caregiver. He is popularly know as J2K(Descendant of Nightingale).

He is a National Executive committee member of Men in Nursing Assembly Of Nigeria and He Organised the First Men In Nursing Assembly of Nigeria National Conference in Abuja in Collaboration with The Lamp Africa And America Men in Nursing Assembly.

He Is the Editor in chief Of Health Info Corner. A social media platform with over 5000 medical personnel.

He Was Recently Appointed the News Director Of Fellow Nurses Africa. The first organisation to produce an electronic magazine for Nigeria nurses.

He is The Director Of Nursing Affairs at parcelmedico (An Agency That assist Medical professionals to secure Internship position Via Parcel Delivery to State and Federal Government Institutions Across Africa)
Connect with him on his gmail handle

Endeavor to share this article with fellow nurses on your social media handle.




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