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God Has Not Forgotten



Restlessness might have gotten in you a place,
That your longing soul had offered an embrace,
And you queried if the Messiah has disremembered his promise,
Oh Hear the whispers from the heavenly palace,
I have not forgotten!

Days of disappointments and forlornness,
When you got so anxious of even what was next,
Times when everything seemed to be in conflict,and you cried even for forgiveness,
Dear, Can I shock you?
All the while, I have not forgotten.


I got every bit of your quest and question,
But the hurdles werent meant for your breakdown,
The ropey nights that have made u questioned even your crown,
It was because of you I was laid down,
Even this, I have not forgotten.


My purpose of coming was you,
My reason for being mocked was you,
My focus even on the cross was YOU.
After resurrection, you were still on my mind,
And my person, as an advocate is to help you,
I cannot forget!


So, I am glad let you know,
Seasons of your restlessness are ending,
Days Your longing soul awaits a filling,
That you may know my promise for you is everlasting,
And my kingdom in heaven have I extended on earth for your governing!
Child, you can trust me?


(Isaiah 40:29-31, Deut 31:8, Jer 29:11…)

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A chaser of God, lover of God's people; Passionate Believer, Professional Nurse, Blogger, Prolific writer, Song writer and follower of exemplary leaders. I'm resolute to giving in my trough and crest to the blessedness of humanity, the way; JESUS, Apostle Paul, Florence Nightingale, e.t.c emptied themselves: My desire is to DIE EMPTY.

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POEM: My Inamorata



A cool solemn night
With rays of the light
Comes the thought of intended Miss right
One that has drawn from me might
Oh, my Inamorata

Her beauty so ravishing
With a cherub finishing
Her utterances very convincing
Her pulchritudinous nature inspiring
Oh, my Inamorata

Her charms caught me unawares
Irresistible was the love muscles of her arms
Rubbing me faster like a tram
And my love for her like a cram
Oh, my Inamorata

Here is the dilemma
She is to me becoming a carcinoma
Taking me everyday to coma
Leaving me confused in a corner
Oh, my Inamorata

Taking into consideration instances
Such that has created a close distance
Building up the walls of resistance
Shielding away acceptance
Oh, my Inamorata

Yet my hear yearns a bit for her
Only if she could rever
And see beyond the rear
To walk together without fear
Oh, my Inamorata

© 2018 | Kolawole Oluwatobi (Boanerges)

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