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7 HARD FACTS About Florence Nightingale Most Nursing Schools Never Taught.



It’s International Nurses’ week across the world. The fulfillment of purpose of an individual, lit up the entire nation, leaving remarkable footprints even in the sand of time. And its the week Florence Nightingale was given birth to centuries ago.

Here are some important facts most Nursing Schools, colleges may never tell you about Florence Nightingale.

1) Florence Nightingale, mother of the modern Nursing, learnt and used at least six (6) different languages for effective communication. She was a fluent user of English language, French, German, Italian, Latin and classic Greek. Her opulent father and only teacher, attested to the fact that she’s vast and teachable, as she adopted courses like mathematics, philosophy and mastered the use of Shakespearean English, for just one purpose, to be a help to any of her patient irrespective of the language.

2) Nightingale turned down multiple marriage proposals in pursuit of her career.

To say she was unmarrried meant alot, but to discover that she willfully turned down marriage requests was precisely filled with a rare determination, come hell or high water. In fact, at age 22, Henry Nicholson who happened to be her cousin proposed to her, but she openly refused.

3) The secret behind nightingale’s Nickname “Ministering angel” was her deligence.

According to findings, Florence Nightingale’s character and interpersonal relationship with her patients, when no one was there, depicted “empathy and love”. In lieu of this, the London Times, often preferred to refer to her in their striking articles as the “ministering angel”

4) The “ministering angel” used (if not maximised) her influence politically for the benefit of humanity, notably, Queen Victoria was a “big fan” of Florence life of legacy, among many other people of affluence in her time. Despite her power, wealth or privileges, she didn’t pretend to be blind to the need of her patients. This is remarkably awesome. Here is a link to her voice notes on YouTube.

Florence Nightingale

5) Today’s Pie Chart in mathematical calculations was made significant, and advanced by this lissom statured blessing to humanity. She demonstrated her intellect even graphically to communicate appropriately where and when essential, even at that uncivilized century. She didn’t limit herself.

6) The Italian Nurse, understood the power of company, group or influence.

Research revealed that most of Nightingale’s friends were males, “intellectual males” though! She surrounded her pursuit with people of like minds. Hence, her achievement was predictable.

7) Florence Nightingale was an addicted writer.

Several letters were written by her on behalf of patients across cities, states and countries, yet not losing the tonicity of her call to help mankind. Here is a reflection from one of her letters.

“It is with very sincere sorrow that I am obliged to confirm the fears of the father of the Late Howell Evans about his poor son. I have never in my life had so painful and unsatisfactory a letter to write.”

Even 1902: When she could no longer read or write, on her confined bed. She hired a secretary for some important documentation.

Indeed; The ANNUAL celebration of this noble and doozy icon in NURSING PROFESSION, is therefore a huge appreciation to the host of professionals GLOBALLY, those who kept the ball rolling even after her death in 1902.

Do you know?

Nurses sometimes go hungry because of you?

Have sleepless nights because of someone close to you?

Only God can truly repay every diligent Nurse out there!

Respect Nurses! Treat them well! Appreciate them! Because someday, you may be in their arms.





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