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MULTILOADED EMPIRE can help you promote your;
√ Offline/online business,
√ Start-up,
√ Seminar,
√ Education,
√ Tutorship etc to our targeted blog readers and you will get a good value for your money.

The business you don’t advertise, people will not know about and may not bring forth good yield. When you want to sell such business, you will still have to advertise.

Give your product(s) cool mindshare. Let people know about you!

If you’re interested, Advert placement is billed on a monthly (or weekly as you can afford) basis per advert space, depending on the size of your advert banner.

Banner Ads Placement on MULTILOADED EMPIRE are as follows:-

300 x 250 ad banner = N5,000 per month

728 x 90 ad banner  = N10,000 per month

300 × 600 ad banner = N10,000 per month

120 x 600 ad banner = N10,000 per month

Text Ads = N3,000 per month

Video ads = N5,000 per month

Sponsored article = Negotiable

All Ads banner display on all post pages on the blog will be displayed both on desktop and mobile view.

You can run your ads for a minimum of 2 weeks or a few days if you can’t afford it for a month.

Also, your ad banners, text ads, sponsored articles will also be promoted via a blog post, on Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter.

For more inquiries, please email: , +2348151244131(WhatsApp).

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