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8 Money Tips That Are Life-changing



If one of your goals is being financially free, these tips are for you.

In my search to learn how to handle money and make it work for me, I stumbled on this article on MyNairaJourney. You may say you don’t need to be financially free to achieve most of your goals… And by saying that, you have successfully succeeded in deceiving yourself. You need money! You need to know how to safe! You need to know how to invest!

If its on your ass and not in the bank, it is not an investment. The money you save and invest, is the money that is really yours.

Set financial goals
Goals motivate. Goals make things happen.
The essence of setting a goal is to have something to look forward to; something that pushes you.

How much do you want to worth in the next one year, five years and even ten years. Write it down as if it has happened and check your progress from time to time.

Be ambitious about it. A small goal doesn’t push anybody and when it doesn’t push you, there is no point in setting the goal in the first place.


Successful people know what they want in life. They set goals and push for their dreams to come through.

Create a budget
A budget is just an estimation of what you will earn and what you will spend.

If you are able to know how much you earn and how much you spend, you can plan your future.

Knowing how much you spend will help you know how much you can afford to save and invest. Budgeting is a very important financial tool that you should learn and put to use. You don’t have to earn billions before you know how to save and invest.

How many percents of your salary or all your earnings do you save? Or are you one of those that says: I can’t save, my salary won’t just let me! Or I can’t save, I have too many obligations! No one learnt it from the womb. You too can learn how!

The only way you can lift yourself out of your current financial level is when you begin to save.


That is if you don’t wake up one morning to find that a huge amount of money has “missed road” into your bank account. Apart from that, you need to build a significant saving.

Savings will make it possible for you to invest.

Savings will make it possible for you to have new income streams.

When you invest and create new income streams, your bank account gets fatter and you are on your way to financial freedom.

When you save, see it as buying your freedom in the future because that is what it is.

Investment means different things to different people. Whatever you believe to be investment if it doesn’t guarantee your principal, it’s not an investment; it’s speculation.

Remember that the money you are investing is one that has taken you a lot of sacrifices to save. That is why you have to be careful where you put it.

Investing money is the act that bring you wealth because it is what multiplies your earnings and savings into multiple folds. You have to do it right for it to happen.

Diversify your Income Stream
Relying on one source of income is not good for your finances and even for your health. Because if anything happens to that source of income, you will have to go for some time without earning.

There’s a popular saying in this part of the world, “Ona kan o wo oja” (Means: There are countless of roads into the market)

The road to adding more sources of income to your current income is simple: earn, save and invest.

It could be on the stock market, that is if you understand the market very well, or it could be on a side business that you love.

Whichever route you want to follow, it is important that you spend time – a lot of time – learning what you need to know.

These days, learning about a business or the stock market is easy. There are lots of free material online. The major thing required of you is your time.

Once the business starts to grow, repeat the process to add even more income to your income streams.

Avoid Borrowing to Consume at all Cost
If you borrow to upgrade your ward-rope or to buy a gadget or even a car, you are headed for a financial disaster.

It is even worse if you borrow at a high-interest rate just to buy things that doesn’t yield value.

When the interests on those loans start piling up, it will seriously hamper your finances. Avoid it at all cost.

The only reason to consider borrowing is when you want to finance a business or buy an asset.

Invest in Financial Education: For you to be able to do something, you must learn about it. Nobody comes into this world a master of everything.

As some point, we all learned what we know. Even the most successful of us.

Invest money and time to learn the things you need to know about more.

Buy books, audio books, go to a seminar, take courses; whatever suits you, do it. One of the best ways to start is get them either audio, PDF, paperback on Amazon store. Now is the time.

Self-help Books On Finances

Everything you need to know about personal finance(Free)

The Financial Diet: Beginner’s guide to getting good with money

7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

Learn about the stock market, learn how to budget, learn all the financial products and services you can, learn how to achieve financial freedom. Your future self will thank you for it.

Carry out a Finance Health Check
Know where you are with your finances. Some of us are too busy to worry about this, but it’s very important.

At some point in the mad pursuit of everything, it is important you stop and ask yourself questions.

Am I saving enough for my future? Am I investing enough? Are my children, spouse, relations secured in case of any eventualities? Am I spending my money the right way?

You need to answer these questions and much more at least once a quarter.

The answers will give you a clear picture of where you stand with your finances. If all is good, then celebrate, but if something is wrong, then you fix it.

Post Credit: MyNairaJourney

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Learn 7 Cures To Lean Purse



We all had lean purse and we could not make them fat. Not because we couldn’t but weren’t aware of how to. But as soon as I was able to lay my hands on The wealthy Barber Returns and The Richest Man In Babylon, I knew how and In this post, am going to share with you.

Are you looking for ways to fatten your purses? Who wouldn’t want to! These seven cures have been around us for the beginning of time we weren’t just aware or we didn’t have someone who could have told us before now. But now you know them.

1). Start your purse to fattening

You can refer to this cure simply as SAVINGS. How do you start your purse to fattening via savings? It is simple and also difficult. Simple in the sense that you will have to save some percentages of your monthly income, at least, 10%. Difficult in the sense that you will have to discipline yourself to do it for a very very long time.

“Which desirest thou the most? Is it the gratification of thy desires of each day, a jewel, a bit of finery, better raiment, more food; things quickly gone and forgotten? Or is it substantial belongings, gold, lands, herds, merchandise, income-bringing investments? The coins you take from your purse bring the first. The coins you leave within will bring the latter.

2). Control Your Expenditure

How can a man keep one-tenth of all he earns in his purse when all the coins he earns are not enough for his necessary expenses?

That what each of us calls our ‘necessary expenses‘ will always grow to equal our incomes unless we protest to the contrary. “Confuse not the necessary expenses with your desires.

“Study thoughtfully your accustomed habits of living. Let your motto be one hundred percent of appreciated value demanded for each coin spent.

Budget your expenses that you may have coins to pay for your necessities, to pay for your enjoyments and to gratify your worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of your earnings.”

3). Make your gold multiply

Now that your lean purse is fattening, it is time to put it into labour that it can work for you and multiply. The money you saved do nothing than to just stay there. To make your purse fatten more, Arkad advised, learn to invest your savings. When you invest your coins, if wisely done, shall bring more coins to you. But if done without knowledge, shall take more out of your purse. To make your gold multiply, learn from those experienced and trustworthy in investment.

Put each coin to laboring that it may reproduce its kind even as the flocks of the field and help bring to thee income, a stream of wealth that shall flow constantly into your purse.”

George Clason 7 cure to lean purse

4). Guard your treasure from loss

“Misfortune loves a shining mark. Gold in a man’s purse must be guarded with firmness, else it be lost. Thus it is wise that we must first secure small amounts and learn to protect them before the Gods entrust us with larger.” So spoke Arkad.

It is easier for us to be tempted by opportunities around us. It is easier for friends to lure us away from our goals. Yes, we do feel pitiful. But with all these, you must guard your investment from loss.

Arkad advised, “study carefully, before parting with your treasure, each assurance that it may be safely reclaimed. Be not misled by thine own romantic desires to make wealth rapidly.

“Before you loan it to any man assure yourself of his ability to repay and his reputation for doing so, that you may not unwittingly be making him a present of your hard-earned treasure.

“Before you entrust it as an investment in any field acquaint yourself with the dangers which may beset it. Be not too confident of your own wisdom in entrusting your treasures to the possible pitfalls of investments. Better by far to consult the wisdom of those experienced in handling money for profit.

Guard your treasure from loss by investing only where your principal is safe, where it may be reclaimed if desirable, and where you will not fail to collect a fair rental. Consult with wise men. Secure the advice of those experienced in the profitable handling of gold. Let their wisdom protect your treasure from unsafe investments.”

5). Make of your dwelling a profitable investment

Be always eager to build your house than pay for rent. If you want to decide which of either car or house to go for, what will you choose? To build a house or buy a car? You will be filled with happiness when you live in your own house than the fear of being evicted. Owning your own house reduces your expenses. Let go of the immediate gratification…own thy own house!

6). Provide for old age

Provide in advance for the needs of your growing age and the protection of thy family. Don’t live to gratify all distracting pleasurable things around you. Don’t live all from hand to mouth.

7). Increase your ability to earn

Do you have the desire to earn more? Then let your desire burns “Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Before you can accomplish more, you must desire more. Your desires must be strong and definite.

Cultivate your own powers, to study and become wiser, to become more skillful, to so act as to respect thyself. Then shall you acquire confidence in yourself to achieve your carefully considered desires.

These are the seven cures as stated in the book, Richest Man In Babylon

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