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4 New Year Resolutions For Entrepreneurs



Resolutions are a hot topic near the end of every year. While many people don’t keep their resolutions for very long, they are still potential tools for bettering ourselves. This is especially true if you’re an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs usually have a lot on their plate. They have to motivate themselves and achieve success for the sake of many others too. Below, according to Tori news, is a list of possible resolutions that a sincere entrepreneur might want to make:

Take A Second First Look
If you’re an entrepreneur, you should be moving at this point. Your business is probably not stagnant; it is either facing problems or some level of success. Whatever the situation is, take the New Year as an opportunity to review just why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Was it money? Independence? Passion?

When this is done, see if your main motivating factor is still in place. Are you achieving what you hoped to achieve? Make the resolution to either work harder with this specific aim in mind; or if this isn’t cutting it, change your aim. If you started out wanting to better lives for orphan children, you may have lost track along the way. Reset yourself and your goals and have another go!

Hone New Skills
It’s never too late to start learning; your local college would usually have the option of outsiders taking some business courses. You could even think about branching out and learning something that would take your business to new heights. For instance, you can pick up some new knowledge on negotiating, networking, or marketing. This would keep you updated on the best ways to manage your market. 

What’s more, furthering your education would also make you a better-rounded person in general and a more productive entrepreneur. If you don’t want to be tied down with courses, pick up a few books in the finance, management, and business section. Plow through them in your spare time and gain immense insight on how to achieve entrepreneurial success!

Enhance Your Hiring Process
Making a bad hiring decision can be very expensive for you and your company. This year, make a resolution to pour your best efforts into the filtering and interview process for future employees. Don’t just look at their resumes; check out their references and actually get to know the candidates a little. The educational background is all very well, but don’t get blinded by an Ivy League education. Focus on which person would be the best fit for the workplace and be ready to work and learn at the same time.

Get Healthy
All too often, entrepreneurs put way too much pressure on themselves. They work long hours; neglect their family life and shun their friends. Along with all this, they also neglect to take care of themselves. The result could be a host of illnesses and diseases that may end up costing them much of their hard-earned profits.

In order to get more out of yourself, you first need to take physical care of your body. This includes getting into a proper exercise routine. You may go for a walk every day, or make a habit of visiting the gym. Work out at least a half hour and gradually bring it up. 

Once you make it a routine, you would soon see your stamina increasing and your energy pumping. Additionally, eliminate junk and processed foods. Meal prepping is the key way for a business-oriented individual to stay on top of healthy eating.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. The resolutions an entrepreneur should make are also defined by the extent of his business and his progress so far. However, these general resolutions above are good enough to get any entrepreneur a decent start in the New Year.

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What Makes The GREAT Great?



Yeah, what makes the great great? You have seen their glories and you should read their stories. What makes the great great is a book written by Dennis P. Kimbro, Ph.D. I didn’t know about the book till I got to a bookshop In Lagos. Then I went in search of the 50th law of power by Robert Greene and 50cent. I couldn’t lay my hands on it and I asked the book seller to give me any nice book and he did give me What Makes The Great Great. I was glad he did.

“If you want to be great and successful, you must walk hand-in-hand with great and successful people.” Nido Qubein

The book tells of the stories of great men and women, how they were able able to stand out among the crowd and made names for themselves. The author introduces inspiring people who have achieved greatness in their own unique ways, then highlights the qualities each of us must develop before we reach our full potential.

Regardless of your definition of success, the book provides approach of turning your dream to reality. Greatness is guaranteed when you discover life’s true calling, live more courageously, access knowledge and creativity of your mind and embrace integrity in everything you do.

We all have seeds of greatness in us, what makes the great great provides the tools to discover and nourish those seeds.

Dennis P. Kimbro asked some great men and women the question, What makes the great great? See some of their responses below:

When Bill Pinkney [the first African-American to sail solo around the world and the forty-first man to do so] was asked what makes the great great, his response was; “Don’t wait! Now is the time to fulfil your destiny. We must act with courage; look forward with hope; and view life through a lens that defines what can be done rather than what cannot be done. If you are willing to work and never, never quit, you can make your dream come true.” What does this message mean to you?

Percy Sutton said, “If you have but one wish let it be for an idea.”

Robert E. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television said, “Life is a grindstone, But whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends upon what you are made of. And Rev Jesse Jackson added, “You may not be responsible for being knocked down, but you are certainly responsible for getting back up.”

What makes the great great

Henry Park of Park Sausage said, “In one hand I have a dream and in the other I have an obstacle. Tell me, which one grabs your attention?”

When Reverend Ike was asked what makes the great great, he said, “Do what I have done. “Open up a can! The world belongs to those who say I can.”

Mae Jemison, America’s first black female astronaut, when was asked what makes the great great said, “Greatness can be captured in a lifestyle. Life is God’s gift to you, style is what you make of it.”

Quincy Jones said, “Greatness occurs when your children loves you, when your critics respects you, and when you have peace of mind.”

Cornel West, an author and a professor said, “If you want to be great, you must serve willingly and love greatly.”

Oseola McCarty said, “Do as much as you can for as many as you can.”

And according to my observation, the greats are the people who understands what it means to simplify. They are the people who face one thing, face one passion and give in their best and do not believe in being jack of all trades. They are the people with determination and unshaken focus to do what they put before them. They are the people who have desires that burn. They are the people who say I will do this and never give up until they do. – SirPhren

Do you want to be great in that field you have chosen? Now you have just read about the opinions of some of the great men and women who have lived before us. Some of what they said is still valid and it will be nice to practice them.

There is only one thing that can stop you from being great. Do you want to know? Only you can stop you.

Robert Browning said, “When a man’s fight begins within himself, he is worth something.” And Bhagavad-Gita concluded, “A man’s own self is his friend, a man’s own self is his foe.”

If you really want to get your life together, this is one of the books you should probably read.

Which of these answers to what makes the Great great your favorite? Do you also know of other qualities of the Greats? Do share with me in the comment below.

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